We’ll Make Your Land Conform to Your Needs

We’ll Make Your Land Conform to Your Needs

We offer grading, excavating and trenching services in Chattanooga, TN and Hixson, TN

Whether your land needs to be leveled out or you need to access the utility pipes on your property, you’ll want a professional service to handle the dirt work. Lowder & Lowder Construction, Inc. has the knowledge and equipment to take care of your property. We provide an array of dirt-related services, including:


Our backhoes, excavators and dozers will get the job done right. Call 423-870-1731 today to discuss your dirt work-related needs in the Chattanooga, TN area.

We Keep an Eye on Drainage

We can handle the site preparation, pond digging and excavation work that you need done on your property. We can dig down to the foundation problems you’re dealing with or prepare your property for pool installation. We’ll make sure your land is graded properly when necessary to ensure proper drainage. Contact Lowder & Lowder Construction, Inc. today to discuss your dirt removal requirements in Chattanooga, TN.