Demolition Services

Demolition Services

Lowder & Lowder does selective demolition work

Housing Demolition, Commercial Demolition & Land Clearing Service | Hixson & Chattanooga, TN

The Lowder & Lowder construction pros can not only build – they know how to tear down, too.

Sometimes, when a new structure (such as a storage shed) needs to go up, an old one has to come down first, and we offer a variety of demolition services including housing demolition, commercial demolition and land clearing in Chattanooga and surrounding areas. For selective knock-down and removal jobs in the Chattanooga area, give Lowder & Lowder a call to see if we can handle the light demolition work you need done around your home.

While we typically confine our demolition services to those jobs which involve us building something to replace the old structures, don't hesitate to inquire – if we can't do the job for you we will be happy to recommend someone who can.

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